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Luxurious villa in
the South of France

Premium vacation rental

•  10 Bedrooms  •  11 Bathrooms  •  3 Kitchens  •  2 Living Rooms  • 

•  Tennis Court  •  Swimming Pool  •  Jacuzzi  •  Formal Gardens  • 

 32 hectares of pure privacy, for up to 20 guests



Villa Information and Amenities

Les Cazettes  Luxurious villa in the South of France


​Situated in the south of France, Les Cazettes is a luxury villa near the villages of Damiatte, Lavaur, and Grauhlet. This peaceful retreat can be found in the heart of the beautiful Pays de Cocagne  region of Tarn, Occitanie, in the Midi-Pyrenees, just 50 minutes from Toulouse airport.

2 Living Rooms

2 Dinning Rooms

10 Bedrooms

3 Kitchens

8 Bathrooms

32 Hectares